NCRUZ Portraits​​​​​​​: Brand Design, Business Card & Brochures
Objective: Create a Brand Identity for a photo studio business that has the characteristic image of a professional yet it shows the sophisticated feminine side of the client. Total package including Business Card and Brochures.
Role: Sole Visual & Graphic designer​​​​​​​
Tools:  Illustrator, Photoshop
The NCruz Portraits is a start-up business. The client wants a brand identity that matches her feminine side, yet it shows an image of a professional and welcoming vibe establishment. 
Create different Iterations of a possible brand identity that correspond to the client's request. That shows professionalism, welcoming, and sophistication.
Iterations of logo's 
I presented this to the client with different possible designs, different fonts, combinations of shapes, icons, and flower design. Montserrat Classic, Alegreya, and Tenor Sans show professionalism. Aileron Heavy and Over The Rainbow that show the welcoming vibe.
After presenting the client's design, she chooses this design and asks me if I can adjust the color to a more subtle and more welcoming.
Final Three
I created three different iterations for the final design and made changes to the color #faf6e4 that pleasant to the eye and look more feminine. The font choice is Montserrat Classic. It shows professionalism with its simple yet elegant look.
Client Choice & Final Design
Business cards 
 2 business card that shows the contrast of colors
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