Objective: Create UX design Solution 
Role:  UX/UI Designer
Tools: Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop
The Problem:  
Our research was designed to achieve why people don’t have Netflix and what were the reasons. We have observed that our product isn’t meeting our annual users' subscriptions. Which is causing our business to decrease in annual profit. 
How might we encourage new users to subscribe to our streaming services so that our customers are successful based on watching their favorite movies and shows on our streaming service?​​​​​​​
The new NMHP is designed to attract new users by highlighting what Netflix has to offer. It highlights premium benefits such as Netflix Originals, Accounts Sharing with Parental Control, and Flexible Competitive Pricing.
Competitor Analysis
Using SWOT Analysis we have learned what are the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that the streaming services have.
A proto-persona is created, served as the base of the ideal focus group/ target audience to help us formulate questions for the user interview.
Qualitative Interviews
After creating a proto-persona based on our assumption of the focus group, we interviewed a handful of users to verify our hypothesis and get actual accurate data to provide further in-depth insight.
With the data collected from the interview, we created the actual persona for the target users.
Definition & Ideation
Dot Voting
In this process, we voted on which idea are we focusing on to create the solution.
User Flow
Creating a user flow to visualize what the target user wants to accomplish.
User Scenario
A user scenario is created to visualize how the user interacts with the product.​​​​​​​
This is a great way to tell a story to stakeholders and potential users. It is created  to show how the user explores the product.​​​​​​​
Paper Prototype
Paper prototype are created to to sketch the process of the ideas and how it will represent in a digital product.
High-Fidelity Prototype
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